Make a career in our gluten-free patisserie

Delicious & healthy at the same time, is that possible? We make it possible!

Your craft is not just a mass product. The aesthetics of your treats are just as important to you as their ingredients. Not just you, but us too. In our gluten-free patisserie, we attach great importance to unique product design and a clear ingredient philosophy. While the word "gluten-free" puts others off, we give it a fresh and new taste.

At the same time, do you appreciate working in a family atmosphere, regular working hours and would you like career opportunities? No problem, we can fulfill these wishes for you. Would you like to find out how? Then see for yourself and apply to us. We look forward to welcoming you to our team. Let's move with the times together and produce the baked goods of tomorrow! 

Quality & freshness right from the start

Our business got off to a bumpy start when our owner Isabella was diagnosed with coeliac disease. In plain language: food containing gluten was now history for her. All those years, eating was a matter of course, but today it's complicated. Isabella rose to the challenge and created motivation for everyone else in her situation. After an arduous journey and full commitment, she founded her first café in Düsseldorf. The effort paid off and the project was a complete success. Things went from strength to strength and the pâtisserie continued to grow. She showed that gluten-free is also delicious! Today, Isabella Glutenfreie Pâtisserie employs 100 people at 9 different locations throughout Germany. In cities such as Hamburg, Aachen, Stuttgart, Cologne and, of course, Düsseldorf - the place where it all began. Isabella's life's work continues to grow and grow. Perhaps one of her gluten-free pâtisseries will soon be in your city.


Isabella Glutenfreie Pâtisserie gluten-free cheesecake

A colorful smile

Wouldn't it be a dream to be smiled at by colorful baked goods while working as a service employee, bringing a smile to the faces of young and old alike? What sounds like a beautiful dream is our everyday life. We pamper our customers with specially selected ingredients and raw materials. Not only the taste of our products is inimitable, but also the aesthetics count for us.

Delicious & healthy at the same time? We make it possible!

Have diabetes or lactose intolerance put you off enjoying a coffee with a sweet pastry? Not with us. With a completely gluten-free, 70% vegan and partially sugar- and lactose-free range, there's something for everyone. We always have the highest standards when it comes to quality, craftsmanship and feel during preparation, as well as avoiding allergens.

Specially created recipes and the loving decoration of our products result in an unmistakable pleasure for both the tongue and the eyes. Although confectionery is our specialty, our range also includes fresh and tasty gluten-free bread. For anyone who prefers something savory. 


Current vacancies:


Learn from experts. Get the recognition that you want.

We sleep at night and don't work. We want you to start your working day well-rested and relaxed. We also want to take as little of your weekends as possible, because this time belongs to friends and family. We rarely work at weekends. If it does happen, it will be for a maximum of 3 hours. That's why you can look forward to a good work-life balance with us. In our modern bakery, you have the opportunity to show what you can do. We give everyone the chance to grow and prove themselves. Ideas, suggestions and proposals for improvement are very welcome. You will work closely with your superiors in a flat hierarchy. Everyone is treated fairly and we make decisions together. With us, anyone can take on responsible tasks and become a site manager or branch manager.

So show us what you can do!

What you can expect from us

Above-tariff pay for your commitment
Real career opportunities
Employee discount on our offered goods and products
No night work
A secure workplace

Your future team colleagues
about the work in our gluten-free pâtisserie


Deputy Production Manager

"The excellent taste of our products is simply incomparable. Every day, I can proudly say that we place a very high value on the quality of our ingredients. What's more, we all stick together here and pursue a common goal every day: the satisfaction of our customers!"



"We work with the best ingredients here and always get regional products to process our goods. We can be creative here and always ensure the first-class quality of our products. It makes me really proud to be part of this company."

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