Chocolate mousse cake with crème brûlée - gluten-free cake

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A chocolate dream come true: our gluten-free chocolate mousse cake with crème brûlee.

Oh yes, we are in love! Our gluten-free chocolate mousse cake impresses with its taste and appearance. On a moist chocolate sponge base lies a fluffy chocolate mousse filled with a light crème brûlée center. The lactose-free highlight is drizzled with chocolate on top. A delight for all the senses!

Tip for a nice cut on your cake: use a hot knife that you can heat up with hot water or a lighter.

Sales description: gluten-free chocolate mousse cake

Our cakes

Is there something to celebrate? Or do you simply fancy a nice coffee with your loved ones? We offer various cakes - including our gluten-free chocolate mousse cake - which you can easily order in our online store or by calling the café of your choice. The lead time is around 14 days.

We offer round, square and heart-shaped cakes, which we are happy to produce for you in your desired size with lots of love. You can choose between different sizes - would you prefer 16 cm or 26 cm? You can easily order our 16 cm cakes in our online store. You can discuss all other sizes directly with your preferred café and order them there.

The total price is calculated by multiplying the number of pieces of cake by the unit price.

By the way: We are also happy to decorate your cake - which is already decorated with fresh fruit - with individual lettering. We can write this on a chocolate plate.

We charge €8 for a small chocolate plate. There is space for up to 8 characters*.

We charge €12 for a large chocolate plate. There is space for up to 30 characters*.

*including spaces


Our Ingredients

Isabella Cake Flour

Isabella's cake flour is our own gluten-free flour mix for pastries. The perfect gluten-free flour for delicious sponge, sponge cake or shortcrust pastry. The flour mix works particularly well in vegan doughs, but can easily be substituted 1:1 in all basic recipes.

You can find recipes for baking everything from gluten-free lemon cake to apricot tart here.

Lactose-free milk

People who suffer from lactose intolerance must avoid lactose. In order to still be able to consume milk, it is necessary to use lactose-free milk. To become lactose-free, conventional cow's milk is specially processed: The lactose is broken down into the building blocks glucose and galactose. To do this, the enzyme lactase must be added to the milk. Lactose-free milk can be used in the same way as conventional milk.


Schlagsahne laktosefrei, Milch laktosefrei, Eier, Edelkuvertüre dunkel (Kakaomasse (70%), Zucker, Kakaobutter, Sojalecithin (E322), Vanilleextrakt), Zucker, Isabella Kuchenmehl (Reismehl, Kartoffelstärke, Tapiokastärke, Xanthan (E415)), Kakaobutter, Kakao, Vanille, Meersalz


Contains: Eggs, may contain traces of nuts, milk, soy lecithin (E322)

Nutritional values

Nutritional values per 100 g

Calorific value kj 1280 kJ
Calorific value kcal 306 kcal
Fat 20 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 13 g
Carbohydrates 23 g
thereof sugar 19 g
Dietary fiber 3,6 g
Protein 6 g
Salt 0,44 g

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