Living well gluten-free? A family matter for us.

Ten years ago, Isabella wanted to be able to live a carefree, gluten-free life. But it wasn't that easy.

And so her idea of setting up her own gluten-free café began to take shape. Here we tell her story.

Our claim

Not only are all our products gluten-free, most of them are also lactose-free, sugar-reduced, vegan and free from other allergens. 


We only use the best selected raw materials to make our products. Isabella's breads and rolls are also all certified organic.


Isabella not only offers full flavor, but also a great deal of craftsmanship and aesthetics. All products are made by hand in our bakery according to our own recipes.

Isabella's Bakery Story

It all started with a diagnosis around 10 years ago: coeliac disease. For Isabella, who has an absolute passion for delicious food thanks to her Italian roots, it was initially a disaster. What did this gluten intolerance mean for her? How can you live a good gluten-free life? Did she have to give up her beloved pasta from now on? Would she have to miss out on wonderful dinner evenings with friends and family? Absolutely unthinkable for her!

It all started with Düsseldorf

A lot has happened since 2015: After opening the first café in Düsseldorf's Oberkassel district, a small store on Düsseldorf's famous Königsallee was added just six months later. Not only did the great team of employees grow with it, but Isabella's bakery also needed an upgrade for the first time and had to be enlarged.

Picture of the Krätz family, Munich, Isabella Gluten-free Patisserie

Gluten-free living times four: the brains behind Isabella

Of course, a family business only works if everyone pulls together. It was perfect that Isabella was lucky enough to have her husband Christof and son Dominic at her side from the very beginning - and together they were able to make the pâtisserie what it is today.

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