Gluten-free macarons: our in-store collection

gluten-free macarons, Isabella Glutenfreie Pâtisserie

A gluten-free touch of France.

Did you know that you can find gluten-free macarons in the most heavenly colors in all our cafés?

But which varieties do we currently have in our range? You can find out here. Get an overview now of what you can look forward to on site * Would you prefer something fruity, completely vegan or classics like chocolate and vanilla? You just have to decide.

We hope you enjoy trying our gluten-free macarons!


gluten-free pistachio macaron, Isabella Glutenfreie Pâtisserie


Pistachios are real all-rounders and not only impress us with their sweet, aromatic flavor, but also with their versatility, lots of potassium, phosphorus and magnesium.

And they have been for a long time: our pistachio macarons in particular have become real classics and are incredibly popular with our guests.

Allergens: almonds, eggs, pistachios, soy lecithin, not lactose-free


One of our absolute favorite ice cream flavors? Clearly: vanilla!

If you don't fancy melted scoops of ice cream and sticky fingers, but do want the best vanilla flavor, try our vanilla macarons.

Our fine almond cookies are crunchy on the outside and filled with a delicious cream on the inside, which is proof of why we love vanilla so much.

Allergens: almonds, eggs, soy lecithin, not lactose-free

gluten-free vanilla macaron, Isabella Glutenfreie Pâtisserie
gluten-free, vegan chocolate macaron, Isabella Glutenfreie Pâtisserie

vegan chocolate

Watch out... here's something for all chocolate lovers and those who want to become one!

Because we promise: After enjoying our chocolate macarons, you definitely will be. In our completely vegan version, they even come without any eggs or milk - but that doesn't detract from the taste at all.

Allergens: almonds, soy protein

Almond praline

The finest French almond couverture, roasted almonds and a core of homemade almond praline - our new L'OCCITANE x Isabella Macaron promises almonds, almonds and even more almonds. And just in time for the launch of the French beauty company's new line.

You can get the exclusive and limited special edition in all our cafés or online in the pretty L'OCCITANE x Isabella Macaron box. And the best thing is: with every purchase you get a free L'OCCITANE Almond Shower Oil (35 ml).

*as long as stocks last

Allergens: almonds, eggs, pistachio, sunflower lecithin

Macarons strawberry dairy-free

Strawberry - dairy-free

Macarons are the queens of French patisserie, simply a wonderfully light and airy treat.

These delicious beauties are always worth a sin! So wonderfully delicate and fragile, simply heavenly.

In combination with fresh strawberries, Isabella's macarons must be little gifts from heaven. Combined in this way, our dairy-free strawberry macarons will definitely enchant you.

Allergens: almonds, eggs

vegan raspberry

Macarons are the queens of French patisserie. Delicious, light, airy and always worth a little sin.

Our vegan version with fruity, fresh raspberries is finally back in the macaron counters of our cafés and impresses with its wonderfully strong taste - and of course its pretty appearance.

Allergens: almonds, soy protein

vegan raspberry macaron

Caramel Beurre Salé

Do you love the combination of sweet and salty as much as we do?
Then watch out: Our new Caramel beurre salé macarons are guaranteed to delight you. The finest caramel chocolate meets cream and salt and finds its typical place between delicate almond shells.

Gift tip: Our macaron boxes can be put together to your heart's content in all our cafés and are guaranteed to impress everyone.

Allergens: almonds, milk, soy lecithin

vegan nut nougat

Delicate nougat, crunchy nuts and completely vegan? Oh yes - we have! And now in the form of our new vegan nut nougat macaron.

Need we say more? Hardly! Because the taste speaks for itself. So be sure to try it!
You can find our new product in all our cafés.

Allergens: almonds, hazelnuts

vegan coconut passion fruit

Last year, it conjured up spring fever in the cold days - now it's finally back: our vegan coconut passion fruit macaron.

The finest macaron shells meet passion fruit puree and delicious couverture and, thanks to a hint of coconut, receive the well-deserved icing on the cake.

Are you in the mood for a culinary explosion that screams spring?

Allergens: almonds, soy protein 


By the way: You can find our gluten-free tartlet counter here.

*The range may vary from café to café.